Clean up after your prints

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Clean up after your prints

Post by Flint » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:29 pm

Vat stuff or how i learned to love the clean up....

Ok here is my methodology for post print clean up

You have a nice new print and you have that puppy soaking in the IPA for a while, so there has never been a better time to get that vat cleaned, inspected and set up for another glorious print run, well folks heres how i do it quick clean and only three paper towels.

first i take the vat out and place it on a clean flat peice of glass the i get my stainless steel strainer and funnel and pour the excess resin back in the bottle.

then i use the soft plastic scraper to gently coax the rest of the resin into the bottle.

At this point you will probably have some bits of uncured resin in the vat that's ok we are going to take care of them next.

pour a little IPA into the vat about 2mm is plenty and gently rub the film with a paper towel this will dislodge most cured resin but for heavier deposits if you have them try method 2.

Method 2: holding the vat in one hand gently push your finger and roll it a bit under the patch of uncured resin this will let the IPA get under the edges and the resin will lift of you may have to resort to using the soft scraper or even a finger nail but be VERY VERY gentle you do not want to injure that FEP sheet.

Once you have dealt with any last over cure wipe everything clean a new paper towel and some IPA and at this time you can wipe the outside and underside of the vat too.

time to grab the last paper towel and check your machines LCD screen make the paper towel damp with a bit of IPA and wipe the screen be careful not to get IPA actually in the machine round the edges of the screen.

then wipe the build plate clean too and set it back in place being careful, of course not to drop it.

now to finish off i dry and polish the FEP sheet in the vat with a glasses cleaning microfiber cloth just to remove any stray marks on both the inner side and the underside of the FEP film.

now your ready to rock and roll again and so replace the vat in the machine and fill to start an new print while it's doing that you can now save your print from the IPA vat and get to removing support material and clean up :D

Hope this helps and above all I hope you love printing and have much success.

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