Photon print 3D total failed

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Photon print 3D total failed

Post by Macs » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:28 pm

Hi guys, I just took Photon and I'm at my sixth work... the first two a disaster, but after i set some value and things are going well ... I printed a small hatch and some seats.
The scale is small (the door is about 24 mm)
Yesterday evening, however, a complete disaster...and here I kindly ask you for help.
I printed a series of small pieces (including the door that had come well singly) but I have
got nothing .... I do not understand why.

Here are some data:

Use only Anycubic resin (green and Maroon)
Use Formware 3d as a Slicing program
I use Limitstate FIX as a repairing program and the models are therefore correct.
I am attaching some more explanatory images of the words
Thanks in advance to everyone
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