How to cure anything

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How to cure anything

Post by Flint » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:32 pm

OK fellow Photonsters.

Here is the poor mans guide to curing a print before you go all out and score that sweet strip of UV LEDs or steal your wife's (or husbands let's not be all old fashioned here), nail curing hutch.

You can simply expose the print to sunlight this will work even on a cloudy day, It will just take a bit longer.

The trick with curing resins is not to over cure as if you do the resin will become very brittle and be prone to snapping.

The best way to learn if your print has cured enough with sun light or a UV light set up is to find an area where you dont mind a mark and try to dent it with your finger or thumb nail, If you can then it's not ready yet, and as soon as you can't dent it it's ready.

It really is that simple so get on out there in the sun with your prints but remember it's good for the print but you may want some sun screen ;)

happy curing folks.

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