Storing resin in the vat

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Storing resin in the vat

Post by scobo » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:59 pm

Hi guys, first post here. :)
I don't yet own a Photon but am close to pulling the trigger. Been doing a ton of reading over the past few days and watched all the videos. I have over 5 years and hundreds of hours worth of FDM printing experience but this will be my first DLP printer.
So I have a few questions before I jump in.

Firstly, would there be any problem storing unused resin in the vat by removing the vat from the printer and keeping it somewhere dark, perhaps keeping the vat in an enclosed box to keep out any light ?
I've seen this mentioned on the Formlabs forum and it strikes me that it would save the hassle of having to clean the vat after every print session.

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Re: Storing resin in the vat

Post by wendigo » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:09 am


In my case I leave resing 2-3 days in the printer (totally closed) and I not have any problem with this.
Btw, I get past week, so i am very new with this machine, perhaps someone tell me that is better store it.

As I see, everytime you clean, you "waste" a little of the resin, so your idea is good, but i dont know how bad is to make this.
The bad thing, is that this resin smells very bad, so i think better store in closed place cos printer is not hermetic.

Please admin, if you can give us your opinion, will be appreciated,

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