Resin applications (hardness)

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Resin applications (hardness)

Post by hendrik6073 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:36 am


i using my 3D printers for remake car parts, mostly oldtimer plastic parts that gone missing or bad over the years. Now i added the Photon to my collection. Has anyone experience with strength/hardness od some resins ? I have a set of gears on a hub, that i printed with filament in PETG (gears) and PLA (Hub's) that worked fine, strong enough. The set is used for mirror adjuistment so it get's a little stress while using. I re-draw the parts because due the accuracy of Photon i could not use the STL's i use for filament printer. Now i notice that with the Anycubic resin the parts are not hard enough, gears are a bit to soft resulting in ot running smooth and wear out in a few turns. Values for Anycubic resin are Strength 79D Tensile 23.4. I also have a bottle of Photocentric firm ( Strength 65D tensile 26 ) so i gonna try that, but that is not gonna help i guess. Also this is water washable and is less accurate. Does somebody know what resin i could try ? Of course i am searching for low cost resin :D



ps: what is the max upload size for attachements on the forum ?

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Re: Resin applications (hardness)

Post by Seba_mop » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:56 pm

FunToDo Industrial Black is the hardest you'll find. And it's cheap

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