Compressed layers, FEP film deformation

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Compressed layers, FEP film deformation

Post by dla06c » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:41 am

I recently purchased a photon, and have had many, mostly successful and surprisingly detailed, prints. For reference, I'm printing jewelry casting masters, and 1/1000 scale train set parts.

To the point, I've noticed a few things that I want to ask about:

1) When taking the basin out for cleaning, I can hold it up to light and see that the FEP film has deformation marks form where the prints have been contacting. At first I thought the prints may be pressing too hard against the film/screen. Then I though the deformation may be form where the prints are sticking to the clear film and being pulled off. I can actually hear when the suction/ticking sound when the model is being pulled away form the film, and the film pops back into place. Is this sound normal? Are the deformation marks normal?

2) while most of the prints still turn out fine, I notice about 10% of the supports fail to develop. The bases are created and adhere to the build platform, but there are only nubs where the support should have built. Any ideas as to why this may happen? I've tried resetting the z several times.

3) My most important question. I would prefer to print Many of my models directly from the build plate (the designs don't need supports added). The first 4 ~5mm of layers are being compressed into about 1mm, while the rest of the layers are printing perfectly. I've tried printing layers at .01, .025, .03, .04, and .05. At all setting the compression seems the same. What are possible reasons for this? Slicer setting? Z settings? is my printers hardware/firmware acting up?

Any insights would be appreciated.

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