How to monetize your Photon printer with 3DHubs?

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How to monetize your Photon printer with 3DHubs?

Post by admin » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:15 pm

Congratulations, you received your Photon printer, you are very happy and now you will print until the resin is finished.

Suddenly you wake up from the dream and you see that you have a family to pay attention to, a job that you can not miss and some hours to sleep. Over time, your investment (and hobby) begins to stand there in a corner.

This story can have another ending if you put the printer and your printig services on 3DHubs. :shock:

What is 3DHubs?
It is a site with thousands of printers (which could be stopped) that people and companies use for their printing needs.
They come immediately to how much the service costs and if both parties accept the business advances. Of course 3DHubs charges a commission ...

See here the StatusAvailable Hub:
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