Hello from East Central Illinois

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Hello from East Central Illinois

Post by TDubs » Fri May 11, 2018 1:02 am

Hi Everyone,

Many of you will know me as Terry Wellman on the FB page. I'm a professional model maker. We use many different technologies including CNC, FDM, and SLA's to make parts for our models. SLA work was always farmed out. We have been doing FDM in house for several years.

Our plan was to purchase a Form II when our engineer told us about the Photon. After doing some research and realizing that I could purchase 6-7 Photons for the price of the Form, we pulled the trigger and have not looked back. It arrived last Friday. After a couple of test and calibration prints, we put it into production. It is currently making parts and has been some Sunday.

For $539.00 this is one awesome professional quality printer.

Terry Wellman
St. Charles Model Works, Inc.

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